Can Tan France Teach Everyone Style?

Madhvi Ramani
5 min readOct 2, 2020

Rina Grob is back with another sharp and side-splitting Masterclass review. This time she learns about style from Tan France.

Much like the first time I did a Masterclass I am going into this completely biased.

I love Tan France. Love him. I watch anything he is on. I have read his book. I follow him on Instagram. Some times when I can’t sleep I rewatch his Architectural Digest house tour. I think he is everything that is good and right with the world, mixed with a little snark and style.

The Rules of Great Style

I am so distracted by the fact that his hair does not move no matter how much he bobs his head.

What a sad commentary on straight men that Tan has to take the time and gently explain that being stylish or well dressed isn’t an indicator of sexuality.

Lesson one from Tan. Confidence! How though Tan? Oh, right clothes!

Tan says there are two rules for great style. We can break them but first we have to learn them. I am here for this. This is a tangible set of instructions I can follow. Know your proportions and know who you are.

This seems easy enough but will likely trigger an existential crisis next time I am trying to get dressed because who even am I really?

I appreciate that Tan is emphasising you should wear what you feel comfortable in. As a person who has shied away from color almost all her life, I have gotten really sick and tired of hearing people tell me to wear brighter things. Next time someone suggests I try wearing some orange, I will direct them to Tan France.

I love that Tan is coming for Coco Chanel. You know her famous saying: “before you leave the house take one thing off.” We are now replacing that with Tan France’s: “Do you wanna be Coco Chanel or do you wanna be yourself?” Also Coco Chanel was an anti-semite who worked for the Nazis, so…

This is like…