A barge trip on the Thames provokes reflections on identity, history and England in the wake of Brexit.

Barging towards Cliveden House on the Thames, photo: Madhvi Ramani


Rina Grob is back with another sharp and side-splitting Masterclass review. This time she learns about style from Tan France.

The Rules of Great Style

Lessons from David Sedaris’s Masterclass on storytelling and humor, and the essay it produced.

David Sedaris, photo by Jane Sharpe, courtesy of Masterclass

Steve Martin, image by Jane Sharp (The Hatch Agency), courtesy of Masterclass

What’s the point of comedy?

The three-star Michelin chef says it’s about emotion, imagination, and connecting to your palate.

Massimo Bottura, Masterclass

Chris Voss, speaking
Chris Voss, speaking

Should you do Natalie Portman’s Masterclass on acting, or watch Zoolander instead? Rina Grob considers.

Actress Natalie Portman laughing
Actress Natalie Portman laughing
Natalie Portman, Masterclass

You don’t need to know a lot about games to design them. You just need to know how to play.

Will wright teaches Game Design and Theory, Masterclass

Annie Leibovitz, Masterclass

The former Poet Laureate of the United States provides some very practical tips on writing poetry.

Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash

Poetic expression

Madhvi Ramani

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